Gatelock Van Large – Fiat Doblo (2009 – Present)

Gatelock Van Large robust and resistant, Gatelock Van Large is the protection system conceived and designed for the safety of commercial vehicles Box body (box van). Gatelock Van Large is equipped with a locking cam and double locking with lock and safety cylinder Netoma® induplicabile.

Indestructible and impregnable, Gatelock Van Large is permanently applied and is equipped with automatic closure to facilitate the operations of loading and unloading.

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Gatelock Van Large Serie Maxi

Serie Maxi gatelocks

Easy to install and use, the Gatelocks Van Large is attached to the body by running six holes. It can be installed on side doors that any vehicle on the tailgate of a caisson and is equipped with: – Witness closing – Dust System – Quick Install Kit.

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