Revolutionary Vehicle Tracking System

In addition to state of the art van locks systems, Autokey have invested in developing a revolutionary vehicle tracking system, Skybrake. This offers you a self monitoring process via an app available on both the App store and Play store. This gives you full control over your vehicle location, movement, and security condition in your vehicle doors. This system can also be fitted to the boot of a car offering you peace of mind while having valuables in your car or commercial van. The user will then receive alerts if the vehicle is compromised in any way.

This system also offers a service for fleet control and management. Skybrake Fleet Management System is your business solution to keeping your vehicle safe, with total control and overview directly from your computer or laptop, furthermore you can receive notifications to your smartphone if required. This system offers many other management tools to ensure your fleet is running as efficiently as possible.

For more information, visit our partner site Skybrake. For any inquiries relating to the various benefits of this service, visit our contact page.

Vehicle tracking system skybrake is an additonal van locks service provided by Autokey.
Skybrake Website

Skybrake Website

The solution to ensuring your business runs most efficiently and safely with online tracking, fuel consumption, speed recording, historical routes and several other options all available at the click of a button.

A vehicle tracking app which allows the user to monitor various different aspects of their vehicle. Van locks by Autokey.
Skybrake App

Skybrake App

Ensuring your vehicle is always with you, without any complication. Locate your vehicle, check the locking alarm, check fuel, immobilize the vehicle and more. This app is available on both the App Store and Play Store.

A vehicle tracking GPS which is easily concealed and can operate for up to 2 years without being charged. Van locks by Autokey
Skybrake GPS

Check GPS

A miniature multi-application tracking device, which is capable of fulfilling its basic determines functions with a 2 year battery life. Monitors location, speed of movement and other significant data in the case of theft or damage during transportation