Gatelock Van Small – Peugeot Expert (2007 – Present)

Gatelock Van Small is the smallest of the family and is designed specifically for the protection of the cargo area of medium and small vehicles. Designed with soft and rounded shape to prevent the infringement with common burglary tools, is equipped with a cam locking system and a high security cylinder Netoma®.

It is available with the same key for rear and side doors. It can be easily and quickly installed.

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Gatelock Van Small F Series

F Series

Easy and quick to install, the Gatelock Van Small F SERIES provides the execution of a single hole in the sheet metal of the vehicle. It can be installed on the side and rear doors.

Gatelock Van Small T Series

T Series

Specifically designed for vehicles with tail lifts, Specifically designed for vehicles with tail lifts, Gatelock Van Small T SERIES can be fitted exclusively on the tailgate driven by hydraulic piston.

Gatelock Van Small P Series

P Series

The new “free-drill” system of Gatelock Van. Supplied with shaped brackets based on each vehicle model. Gatelock Van Small – versatile and unbreakable Gatelock Van Small is the most comprehensive and versatile device of the New GateLock Van range, thanks to its special accessories that simplify installation and maximize functionality.

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