Xvan – €280

Back Doors and 1 Side Door Included: Additional Cost For Additional Doors

The fastest external protective device for the cargo compartment of your commercial vehicle

XVan , is an anti-theft system for commercial vehicles which compromises of both slamlock and deadlock features. It is applied to the load compartment doors, making it extremely difficult to break through, as seen in the video below. Acting as a visible deterrent, Xvan locks come with 2 high security keys with a special design that will not allow debris enter the lock (keys are restricted and made to order). Xvan locks also offer an emergency override feature should staff become locked in the rear of the vehicle. Fitting time is under one hour – a short time frame for a high security lock.

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Manual Operation

The Xvan deadlocking operation allows the product to remain unlocked during the loading and unloading process. Upon request, the product will lock by pulling the metal ring towards the outside.

Automatic Operation

The Slamlocking operation locks the doors of the vehicle automatically each time the doors are closed. This operation is possible only before the fitting step, the conversion process was made by the installer.

Xvan Features

Easy to install

Installation Time: Under 1 hour. No need to remove internal panels.

External Application

A high “visual deterant” from potential attacks.

Easy to Use

Available both in manual and automatic operation.


Thanks to its raw materials and treatments on surface, the Xvan is drilling and cutting resistant.

Steel Body

Made of hardened steel with a chemical nickel treatment for weather protection.

Internal Escape

Complying with “health and safety” regulations, the Xvan can be opened from inside the loading area of the vehicle even if the doors are closed.

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