Security Bezel

The Bezel is our newest security product to prevent this problem. Once fitted, the additional Bezel prevents the lock barrel being forcefully removed from the door by stopping potential thieves to grip on to the barrel.

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Security Bezel

The Security Bezel can be installed with the original lock or our RepLock as an additional security upgrade. An additional steel plate is designed to sit between the lock barrel and the door, providing extra protection to your existing lock.

The Bezel is not only seen as a cost effective solution to cover most damage on the vehicle door but to prevent further damage from happening.

Key Features:

  • New & exclusive security product
  • Enchances the vehicle security
  • Cost effective
  • Solid stainless steel
  • Covers up existing attack damage on your door

We highly recommend getting our Hykee RepLock with a Bezel fitted on your vehicle in order to prevent the lock being picked and thieves getting into your vehicle.



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