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The number of people working from their vehicle and/or depending on it for transporting goods is vast. Ultimately, there is a large amount of highly valued equipment stored in vehicles – not to mention the importance of the vehicle itself. Below are some industries where our products can be most effective.

The Construction Industry: Commercial Van Locks

Whether a sole trader or part of a company, construction workers depend on their vans to store and transport essential equipment. This totals in thousands of euro worth of materials resting in the vehicle. Theft of construction materials and tools is a characteristic embedded in the industry – once these are taken, they are rarely retrieved. The range of van locks supplied and installed at Vanlock give extra protection to your vehicle. Combined with Autokey’s vehicle tracker Skybrake, you will be notified of any security issues with your vehicle. This gives you the best chance at not only deterring thieves, but catching them too.

The Music Industry: Music Van Locks

The music industry is saturated in Ireland. Whether it’s a one man band or a full piece wedding ensemble, the number of music groups throughout the country is significant. Similarly, this line of work requires the use of vehicles to transport sound equipment and instruments. For a musician, your instrument is your livelihood. Serious investment is put into this equipment, and should it be take, recovery chances are slim. This sets a snowball into motion where more money is lost due to purchasing replacement products. Recently, wedding band The Firm saw €3000 euro worth of equipment stolen from their vehicle. Again, Vanlock’s services vastly improves the security of the vehicle. A once off fixed cost could potentially save you thousands.

Delivery Services

If your business requires leaving a vehicle unattended for a short period of time to deliver goods, Vanlock could be a great aid. Drivers may leave keys in the ignition, or may be carrying quantities of valued goods in the vehicle. In some cases, such as G4S cash deliverance, there is substantial value in the van. This can result in these vehicles being targeted. Skybrake is particularly effective in this area, as it allows for fleet management and vehicle tracking should theft occur.

If you fall under this umbrella do not hesitate to contact us!

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