“The Silent Theft”, “Epidemic of Theft”, “Stolen Property worth €200,000”

These are only a few quotes used to describe recent vehicle theft. The days of breaking an entry into a vehicle through “traditional methods” are beginning to phase out. This presents vehicle owners with a much more difficult task when protecting their cars or vans. The digital age has brought along with it a new brand of thief – one which is much more tech savvy.

Vehicle Theft: The Need for High Tech Van Locks

For example, a recent issue with An Garda Siochana saw a law enforcement BMW stolen. This was without any signs of breaking a physical entry into the vehicle. It has been stated that these thieves used gadgets to override a signal from the original remote key to gain access. In the UK, a recent repot by the BBC stated that “a van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes.” A staggering statistic.

Ex Detective Sergeant Finbarr Garland was quoted saying that “criminals are getting more and more hi-tech. Motorists and the industry need to be aware of that.” Vehicle owners need to use smarter tools to deal with this change.

Autokey has anticipated this change in dynamics, and has introduced Vanlock as an industry expert solution. With a range of smart and effective van locks, we truly aim to take on the new age of car thieves head on and reduce the problem. Criminal gangs utilise extremely sophisticated means of vehicle theft – so we have invested into developing state of the art protection.

A recent article by the Independent highlighted how a security car alarm expert received 10 calls in one week. These were for Ford Transit alarms after the theft had already occurred. Valued goods from tradesman had already been taken in this case. With Vanlock, Autokey firmly believes that prevention is better than cure – time to buck up.

Caolan Carroll

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