Slamlocks For Vans

Slamlocks for vans are visible locks fitted to a vehicle door. It is operated by an external key, and provides extra security to the vehicle. When the vehicle door shuts, the lock automatically activates and the key is required. This is to deter criminals when a loaded van is left unattended for a short amount of time. For example, a construction worker unloading/loading their van in stages.

Slamlocks van locks. Vanlock Dublin Supply and Install Van Locks.

This is a chosen method by many vehicle owners due to being easy to operate and cost effective. However, it is these reasons that also draws car thieves’ attention. This type of lock is also easy to maneuver, and ultimately can be cut off the vehicle as we have seen happen here at Autokey. Therefore, we have deemed this type of lock to be a dated approach to van security, although appealing to many vehicle owners.

Slamlocks Van Locks Dublin.

We have invested into developing a smarter, covert solution in our Electronic Bolt Locks. This type of lock works in line with the vehicle’s central locking, making for ease of use. Unlike slamlocks, this solution can not simply be removed by thieves.

Vanlock electronic bolt van locks design, develop and distribute a wide range of applications that offer maximum protection to at risk vehicles. Van locks Dublin.
Electronic Bolt Lock

As the methods to vehicle theft continue to grow and become more intelligent, our dedication to prevention grows ten fold. We strongly recommend that our customers venture beyond the traditional means of vehicle security, and progress forwards utilising the high tech, top of the range lock systems we specialise in.

Caolan Carroll